The Anglican Church of Cameroon is a church which could be described as a mustard seed which has grown from a single Parish to a Diocese today. It all began with some civil servants and some traders from Togo, Nigeria, and other nationals with Cameroonians. During the colonial era, the British who were pioneers of Anglicanism built chapels in the plantations where they found themselves. The Church of Epiphany in Limbe (then Victoria) currently running. Because of challenges in the Parish management in the plantations, this embryo church could not survive.

Nevertheless, multinational settlers took lay initiative and with a united force in the Anglican West African Identity organised themselves into congregations and had their first service in Ebenezar Baptist Church Limbe (then Victoria). Championing this move were Z.P. Wilson, Macaulay, Nyajro, De Graft Rosenior and Olali. The fruition of their joint efforts with the Christians then was the creation of St. Andrew’s Anglican Church Tiko in the 1940s, La Chapelle des Etrangers Protestante du Cameroon, in the 1950s which today is St. Michael’s Anglican Church Douala and is today the Cathedral of the Diocese, and St. Peter’s Limbe around 1925. Note is taken of a midwifery role played by the Presbyterian Church of Cameroon (PCC) who cared for the Churches in Tiko and Limbe until their subsequent release to the Anglican Church; with St. Andrew’s Parish Tiko being lastly released in 1995. The visit of His Grace C.J. Patterson, the Archbishop of West African in 1957 reinforced the idea that the Anglicans were not just a congregation but a Church. A historical joint meeting was held on the 13th June 1957 with the Basel mission among whom were the Most Revd. C.J. Patterson, Revd. W. Keller, Revd. Essoka, Rev U Bachmann, Mrs. O. Ngongi, Mr. S.T.A. Torimiro, Mr. R.N. Broohm and Mr. H. Noble Johnston. This visit gave encouragement to Anglicans and they worked hard for a permanent site which was realised and on the 1st of January 1975, the people of Limbe, the then Victoria worshiped in their own Church and dedicated her to St. Peter’s in recognition of the support and encouragement from St. Peter’s Parish, Leeds, United Kingdom.

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