1.       The ANGLICAN DIOCESE OF CAMEROON is one country Diocese with one Bishop as at present. Any other unauthorized appellation Anglican is not recognized

2.      The synod gives thanks to God for a successful synod of 2015 in Bamenda, All saints’ Parish, from the 16th – 19th July 2015, with the theme; “WHERE ART THOU”, Gen. 3:9.

3.      The synod reminded all to follow the laid down rules (Constitution and Policies).

4.     The synod frowned on indiscipline among clergy and laity. Any indiscipline will be punished accordingly.

-          Rev. Fr. Yuh Emmanuel is de-robed for his unbecoming habit, and is no more a Priest in the Diocese of Cameroon.

-          The resignation of Rev. Leo Shangong is accepted, and is no more a Clergy in the Diocese of Cameroon.

-          The sanction of Rev. Fr. Dieudonne stands until he repents.

5.      The Synod declares that, the Anglican Church disassociates herself from the acts/deeds of all who have been de-robed (eg. Revd. Fr. Emmanuel Yuh and Revd Leo Shangong Ndzi). And declares that, any person or persons, groups, associations etc. dealing with them as clergy of the Anglican Diocese of Cameroon, is/are doing so at his/hers/their own risk.

6.     The synod joins the government in the fight against any form of terrorism in Cameroon, especially Boko Haram.

7.      The synod joins the government to expose any member hiding behind the church to join groups which are terrorizing others.

8.      The synod declares support for all governmental institutions, working with the church for good governance.

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