After this closure, the Church embarked on a wider search for an Episcopal oversight. Several appeals were made to several Provinces of the Communion. The Archbishop of Canterbury, His Grace the Most Revd A.K. RUNICE was contacted and the case of Cameroon featured and was given due consideration. At the suggestion of the Anglican consultative Council, A.C.C., the then Archbishop George D. BRONNE (of blessed memory), primate of CPWA and Bishop of Liberia visited Cameroon from the 14th to the 21st October 1988. Sequel to this visit, the following development was established. 1. A Council called “The Council of Advice” was established to be a liaison between the Church and the Government of Cameroon. 2. The President of Cameroon,

H.E. Paul Biya issued Decree No. 89/143 of 27th January 1989, which was retroactive ordering the opening of St. Peter’s Parish Limbe, and granting official authorisation for the Anglican Church to operate within the territorial limits of Cameroon. 3. St. Peter’s Parish was re-consecrated 4. The worship on the 20th October 1988 restored the dignity of the church reclaimed her standing in this community. 5. More than 400 Christians were confirmed; the mothers Union was inaugurated and women received into the women’s Guild (now Anglican Women’s Fellowship, A.W.F.) 6. To sustain the renewed interest the Archbishop, with the permission of the Bishop of Accra sent the Most Revd. J.O. Akrofi then Provost of Holy Trinity Cathedral, Accra, to spend December – January of 1988/1989 with the Church in Cameroon. Since CPWA took the oversight of the church in Cameroon, there has been an increase in the number of Parishes, and clergymen have been seconded to the Church in Cameroon. Archbishop George D. Browne died in February 1993 and Archbishop Robert G.A. OKINE from Ghana replaced him as the New Primate and supervising Bishop of the Church in Cameroon in 1993. In April, 1994 Archbishop R.G.A. OKINE visited Cameroon and reorganised the church and added another decision making body, “The Governing Council” to the Council of Advice”. Many important seminars and educational trainings have taken place to equip the clergy, lay teachers and other church leaders in Cameroon; all these are the developments of the oversight of the CPWA. The CPWA has trained four Cameroonians in Ghana St. Nicholas’ Anglican Theological Seminary – affiliated to the University of Cape-Coast Ghana: • The Rev Fr. Oscar Etuge ELONG (of blessed memory) • The Rev. Fr. Dibo Thomas-Babyngton ELANGO • The Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Yuh CHENYI The CPWA provided Priests at the behest of the Christians. Among the clergy that were seconded to the Church in Cameroon are: 1. Ven. Momo B. Kpartor from Liberia who arrived with his family on 18th March, 1989 and resigned on 3rd December 2000 and left in July 2007. 2. Ven. Jean Baptist CAMARA and his family, from Guinea Conakry arrived 1990. 3. Canon Edward B. CONTEH from Sierra Leone arrived on 18th June, 1995 and left in Jan. 2007. 4. Assistant Bsihop Jonathan RUHUMULIZA from Rwanda, on sabbatical leave with his family in Canada, after resigning as the Bishop of Kigali was also sent to Cameroon by Archbishop RGA OKINE to ease the distance between Cameroon and Ghana on Episcopal services as directed and to prepare the Church in Cameroon into a Diocese. Assistant Bishop also left Cameroon after the end of his tenure as stipulated by the constitution upon the retirement of Archbishop RGA OKINE in 2003. 5. The oversight under the Most Revd. J.O.Y. AKROFI from 2004 as the Primate and Archbishop of CPWA and supervising Bishop of AMDC finally gave the highest number of Cameroonians Ordained Clergy, including the first woman to be ordained. There are seven Cameroonian Priests: - Rev. Fr. Joseph Moise Ngijoe - Rev. Fr. Dibo Thomas-Babyngton ELANGO - Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Yuh CHENYI - Rev. Fr. Henry Kingue KOUOH - Rev. Fr. Joseph Jacobin AKENGUE# - Rev. Fr. Dieudonne Djobahola KON The following Deacons were also ordained into Priesthood. o Rev. Foko Romuald o Rev. Moise Samuel Lindjeck o Rev. Aanatole NDEFFO Under the CPWA we have 18 outstations and 8 parishes

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